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Aarambh 15th July 2017 Written Update

The Episode starts with Devsena and Varundev thinking of defeating each other in the battle. Their battle is seen. One night before, Varundev is sleeping and thinks of Devsena. He gets up and goes out. He sees the idol. Sivaan asks what happened, you should rest at this time, I know that woman has shown her power. Varundev says Sivaan, how shall I use sword on her, she is beautiful, delicate, Tejaswini and brave, her eyes were like finding something. Sivaan says love. Varundev says never. Sivaan says think, fate is bringing two such people, it there is hatred they will fail each other, if its love…. Varundev says they will lose to each other. Devsena is sleeping and recalls Varundev. She recalls Chamundi’s death, and stopping something little Devsena. She wakes up and sees Chamundi’s pic and says why did I see that arya in dream, why did I see your dream again, there is some hatred in this dream, what is it.

Hahumaa says no, there is no secret. Devsena says you always stop me from going across Sindhu, why do I feel my dream has some secret, tell me, I request you. Hahumaa says yes, there is a connection, Chamundi’s death is related to Aryavarth, they have killed her. Devsena asks what are you saying. Hahumaa says you were a little kid, an Arya won Chamundi’s trust and took her across Sindhu, she fell weak and died, Arvamudan took revenge for that cheat. Devsena asks where was I, I see my mum going away, but someone is stopping me from going to her, who is it. Hahumaa says it was me, I did not wish to see tears in your eyes, and hidden this truth from you. Devsena says but you did good to tell me truth, after Dhuwand battle tomorrow, no Arya will think to come across this side, Arya clan will be ruined, I will kill that Arya. She goes.

Hahumaa apologizes to Lord for lying to Devsena. She says I had to lie because of Chamundi. FB shows Chamundi says I m in love with that Arya, Dravid woman can have four husbands, I want to accept that Arya as my husband, union of two civilizations will give birth to a brave and big clan. Hahumaa says this can’t happen. Chamundi says Lord developed love in my heart for that Arya, I don’t want to go against you, but I can’t forget my love. Hahumaa says if you can’t move back from love, move back from here. Chamundi moves back. Hahumaa says more back. Chamundi agrees. She moves back and says I want to tell you something, Devsena is my blood, she can make my thoughts a reality. Chamundi moves back and falls down the cave. She dies. FB ends. Hahumaa says I feel Chamundi’s words are like a curse, Devsena can have that love diya in her heart. Devsena asks Daasi to call the artist.

Devsena asks him to make sketch of Varundev, she wants to see his photo and keep her revenge fire burning, he will be dying by my hands. She describes Varundev while practicing sword fights. She gets angry. The artist makes the sketch.

Dayalini says Devsena is busy in preparing for Dhuwand battle, I failed many times to kill her. Thangam says don’t worry, I can see your motives fulfilling, its tough to win over Varundev, you will become queen. Dayalini slaps her.

The artist shows Varundev’s pic. Devsena gets angry seeing the pic. She strikes the pic with the strike. Varundev fights with Sivaan and practices. Varundev says you were talking of fate, can it… Sivaan asks can it be true, sure, I have read in Arya puraan, every creature has a life partner, our reflection but opposite to us, fate can make us meet her as a friend or enemy.

Thangam asks Dayalini where she did she go wrong in her service. Dayalini says your service and dedication is not less, but you failed in knowing Devsena, if Devsena dies, what will happen to Dravid Rajya, Aryans won’t leave anything, Devsena’s victory will ensure our safety.

Dayalini tells Devsena that she is proud of her. She apologizes. Devsena holds her. Dayalini says I kept you away from my love, it was my duty to make you suitable to take Chamundi’s place. I punished you and behaved strictly, so that you become the best, I did not show my love, I did not get emotional, but today I hate myself thinking this, forgive me. Devsena says don’t apologize, there is no such question, I accept you as always.

Varundev comes to Purohit. Purohit says I was thinking about Dhuwand war, Arya is not taught to raise hand on a woman. Varundev says I just know she is my enemy. Purohit says that’s it, enemy being a woman and being beautiful don’t matter, she is a magical image, you have to kill Dravid Devsena tomorrow, this fate is a war for our fate and future. Varundev takes the oath.

Devsena gets ready. People say Devsena will teach a lesson to that Arya, they have to bow down to us. Devsena comes to Sabha. Dayalini says I m sure Devsena will win. Everyone gathers to see the battle. Dayalini comes and gets seated. Purohit comes and sits. Thangam says Dhuwand will be fought by chosen weapon, if warrior loses weapon or it breaks, he won’t get a chance to choose another weapon. Sivaan says we agree, we have one rule, Aryans don’t fight after sunset, the Dhuwand war will stop after sunset and resume after sunrise tomorrow. Thangam says we accept, your Arya won’t get a chance to see today’s sunset. She praises Devsena and welcomes her. Devsena comes. Varundev comes from other side. Aarambh……plays…..

Thangam and Sivaan get the weapons for Devsena and Varundev. Thangam says Devsena will fight the war with Chamundi’s sword. Everyone cheers for Devsena. Sivaan says Varundev will fight war with Kayast’s sword. Aryans cheer for Varundev. Devsena and Varundev take the swords. Devsena asks Varundev to take his people before dying. He asks is your ego, over confidence or fear saying this. She asks them to test it himself. They both run to each other and strike by the swords.

Devsena says I took an oath to ruin you. Varundev says I took an oath to establish Aryavarth. She says Dravids fulfill their promises. The battle goes on. They both bravely fight. Hahumaa sits praying. Arya says it looks an extraordinary Dhuwand, it also looks like some game. Abrook says maybe Varundev thinks the same and letting Devsena have some fun. Varundev and Devsena strike each other and get a cut on each other’s arms. Abrook asks shall we celebrate victory. Purohit asks what do you think. Abrook says Devsena is fighting well, but she can’t stand in front of Varundev. Varundev asks why are you wasting your blood. Devsena says my blood is waiting to witness your death. They continue fighting. Daasi says Devsena is clever and breaking his pride. Purohit says prepare to declare enemy’s failure. Abrook says sure. It gets thundering. Devsena falls on Varundev’s hand. He holds her. They see each other. Their fight goes on. He overpowers Devsena. Aarambh….plays….. She kicks him. Varundev gets up in the air. It starts raining. Varundev falls back on her. Devsena takes a turn. Varundev fall down. They fight.

Dayalini says we have to stop this Dhuwand. Purohit says Dhuwand will stop at sunset, or if it reaches a conclusion. She says they both are not able to see each other well, Dhuwand shows their power and skills, can this Dhuwand be continued. Purohit says you look scared to lose. She says Dravids are not scared. Abrook says we should stop Dhuwand, it can be bad for us also. Purohit agrees and says we will agree, both warriors should get a fair chance to compete with each other. She announces stop Dhuwand, it will resume after weather gets fine. Devsena and Varundev keep their weapons. They turn and see each other.

Sivaan says Varundev you are in love with Devsena. Varundev meets Devsena and says if you return me my sword tomorrow, I will believe my love is one sided, if you fight with me tomorrow, our love will win. Varundev and Devsena’s Dhuwand resumes.

Written Update by Amena

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