Aarambh serial

Aarambh for the day has Devsena (Karthika Nair) and Varundev(Rajneesh Duggal) preparing for the dhwandh. One day prior to the dhwandh both have sleepless night as both dream of each other. Devsena sees Varundev and also her dead mother, she sees someone stopping her as she tried going near her mother’s body. She goes to meet Hahuma (Tanuja) with the query and clarification for her dream. Hahuma then tells her that her mother was betrayed by a Aryan merchant and killed as she trusted him far too much. Devsena’s sense of revenge is aggravated by this new found knowledge as she goes off to prepare to destroy Aryan strength the next day. Hahuma pleads Mahishyemen to forgive her as she lied, then it is revealed that actually Chamundi Maharani had fallen in love with an Aryan merchant and had asked Hahuma to allow this alliance as the Maharani was allowed to marry four times. She had pleaded Hahuma to let her marry the Aryan as that would prove the start of new story in the history with the union of two great civilizations. Hahuma though disagreed and had ordered Chamundi to kill herself. Chamundi had jumped to her own death but with a final warning to Hahuma that Devsena was her own blood and surely she would one day put this thought into action.Devsena walks to an artist and asks him to draw Varundev’s picture so she can look at it and prepare to avenge her father and Dravid civilization. She describes Varundev bit by bit as she remembers him vividly in her mind. Finally when the picture is ready she strikes at it and tears its face off. Varundev too dreams about Devsena and gets up to go to the idol she had attacked and beheaded. His friend approaches him and questions him about being in love with the beauty of the woman. Varundev says he is not in love as he is aware that if they hate each other they would be trying to defeat each other but if they love they would get defeated for each other. Agnidev Purohit meets Varundev and talks to him about his confusion about attacking a woan he asks him to look at her as a warrior and her beauty as a magical veil just to test him, he tells Varundev that they have to win this at all costs.Dayalini and Thangam talk about trying to kill Devsena all this while yet she is still alive. Thangam is hopeful that Devsena will not survive a fight with Varundev. Dayalini though wants Devsena to win as she is aware that if Devsena loses this then there would be no more of the throne or the Dravid civilization. Dayalini meets Devsena in the morning and tells her that she was always harsh to her because she wanted her to be an able queen and not lose out on any virtue. Dayalini seeks Devsena’s forgiveness. Devsena though sees her as her Maasi amma and the deputy queen. Varundev asks his friend if there is any truth in the talk about love that they had the other night. His friend tells him that he has read in old scriptures that for every sould tehir is a companion soul which is so like it and yet different and we might meet her as a friend or even a foe. Varundev feels an odd attraction to Devsena.Thangam introduces the Dayalini to the dhwandh grounds as the Aryans welcome Purohit to it. Devsena and Varundev are introduced on the grounds and their respective weapons. The dhwandh begins and they fight like equals with none getting the better of the other. Rains and storm start off suddenly and Dayalini notices that it is becoming difficult for the warriors to see each other. She convinces Purohit on it and he calls off the dhwandh till the storm stops. They part for the time as they stop to look at each other once again as sparks fly between them that neither of them seem to be understanding.


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