beyhadh sony tv serial

Beyhadh today starts with Maya(Jennifer Winget) very much alive and very much still badass!! Maya is somewhere in an ashram with a lot of kids to keep her company. She is seen playing with these kids as she stops them from fighting and tells them her secret to winning. She says never think when you are angry because then your heart works and not your brains. It is then revealed how it was not Maya who died but someone else and as the duplicate Maya lay there dead the real one had put her head on unconscious Arjun’s(Kushal Tandon) chest and bid him farewell saying he never understood her and that now when she will be away from him he will search for her every moment. She had walked away with that and the dead duplicate and her story was never to be known by anyone again. Arjun is breaking rocks in the jail as in 3 days time his capital punishment is on its way. A police inspector instigates him and he prepares to kill him too and says he has already been pronounced to die so it would not matter if he kills again. Arjun thinks that the mistake that he is being punished for he will commit that and for that he will have to get out.Saanjh(Aneri Vajani) comes there with food for Arjun as she thinks how she has not been able to do anything for Arjun and in 3 days he would be dead. Somewhere far off Maya writes Arjun’s names around on rocks and thinks of how she could have just killed Saanjh. Here now 3 inmates of the jail watch Saanjh and talk to each other about her. They start following her as she walks to meet Arjun. They overpower her and carry her saying she is Arjun’s item and in jail they are to share everything. Saanjh screams for help and Arjun attacks these three. Soon the police intervene and Arjun is beaten up. The police inspector earlier order him to be put in seclusion and away from everyone. Arjun is taken away as he smiles to himself. Saanjh tries to speak out but the three prisoners who had overpowered her silence her and hand her a letter and asks her to go.Saanjh runs out and reads the letter in which Arjun has mentioned that he will not die in the jail as this death would mean victory for Maya and he will not let Maya win this time. He says he is going to escape from jail and Saanjh has to help him. Arjun searches around in his secluded jail for something and finally finds a movable brick, he slowly pulls it out. He thinks Maya dug a grave for him but she forgot to dig one for herself, he asks Maya to wait for him as he is coming for her. Saanjh just thinks worriedly what Arjun is going to do now.


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