beyhadh sony tv serial

The episode begins with Maya (Jennifer Winget) watching Arjun’s (Kushal Tandon) death sentence being announced on television. The reporter announces that Arjun will be hanged to death in two days. Just then, a little girl comes to her and asks her if the woman on TV is actually her. Maya is a little shocked but explains to the girl that the dead never come back and the person they are showing on television is dead. Saanjh is shocked and can’t digest the fact that Arjun is ready to escape prison. She keeps reading his letter over and over again. Just then, she spots a shadow in her room and decides to find out who it is.She throws the letter in the dustbin and goes outside. Just then, Ayaan enters the room and reads the letter. On finding out that Arjun wants to escape prison, he tells himself that he won’t let Arjun escape and even if he does escape, he won’t let him live peacefully. Saanjh overhears his cruel intentions. Meanwhile, Maya is busy thinking about all the vows that she and Arjun took together. After hearing the announcement about his death, she recalls how Arjun broke every promise that he made and she kept all the promises she made.Maya tells herself that she will not be able to live if Arjun dies. She says that the last breathe Arjun takes will be her last, too. She tells herself that her connection with Arjun was only till here. She also says that death can never lessen or affect her love for Arjun. In fact, even in her next birth she will be as madly in love with Arjun as she is now. Meanwhile, Ayaan tells Saanjh that Arjun is the reason behind Vandana’s death and he will never forgive him for that. Saanjh meets Arjun in jail and tells him that escaping is a bad idea. Arjun tells her that this is the only hope he has to get back at Maya.


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