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Krushna Abhishek and wife Kashmera Shah recently welcomed their twin boys via surrogacy. In a chat with a leading daily, the actor has revealed the first letter of his twins’ names. Well, it will start with ‘K’ and that’s quite understandable as Krushna and Kashmera’s name start from the same letter. He said added that one of the twins’ name for sure will start from letter ‘K’.¬†Talking about the feeling of fatherhood, he said, “I was initially busy with India Banega Manch and The Drama Company. But fatherhood is a different feeling. Looking at them, I feel there is more responsibility on my shoulders. I got very emotional They are such cute kids.”In an earlier interview, he said, it was Salman Khan who had earlier pushed him towards starting a family. He said, “Many people counselled me about having babies, one of them was Salman. Salman was one of the first stars I told about my twins. He was extremely happy for us.”¬†Getting candid about how fatherhood has changed him, Krushna said, “I’ve become more responsible. I’ve never been an actor who relies on his producers. I’ve always been in such a position that I can walk off anytime. I never had the fear of a show not working or being ousted from it. But after having kids, I get that feeling. I’m no longer as carefree, there is a fear that keeps me in check.”We also contacted Krushna’s uncle Govinda. He told us, “I pray to God that Krushna’s kids always stay happy. I called up Krushna and asked where are the kids right now and he told me that they are in the hospital right now and we will call you when they are back home.”He added, “And that time I was just laughing and felt like telling him that when you were born, I took you to Vaishno Devi on my shoulders and now you will do the same for your kids, then you will have an idea about the value of love.”


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