Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi Watch Online

Kuch Rang Pyar Ke Aise Bhi is today a game changer as we see someone with orthodox values like Ishwari(Supriya Pilgaonkar) opening her heart and mind to new outlooks and thought process, also today we have a burst of Devakshi feels as we see the much missed and much awaited Devakshi romance. Ishwari sits speaking to her bestie Asha(Moon Bannerjee) as Asha asks Ishwari why she did not go to office today,Ishwari says she was just a bit unwell. Asha then goes on to tell Ishwari that she just came to know that she and Bijoy(Jagat Rawat) were not married as there pheres were not completed. Asha says how she panicked with the newfound knowledge but her mother-in-law then calmed her and said these traditions are not as important as are there relationships from heart, she says how she and Bijoy built a beautiful life together and with their children and nothing would be different from what it is now. Sona (Erica Fernandes) walks down complaining about Dev(Shaheer Sheikh) leaving his socks by her pillow and she is left as spellbound as us on seeing Dev. Sona goes- aapne hot karwaya bahut haircut lag rahe ho!!! Dev takes the opportunity to get nearer to her and asks her in his ultra sexy voice if she said something. Sona distracts herself by asking about Ma, Dev says he too has been looking for her but she is not home. They guess she must have gone to Lakshya and Nikki’s(Aashika Bhatia) and get worried. Dev tries to call Ishwari and suddenly sees Ishwari entering and he signals Sona too. They are pleasantly shocked to see Nikki and Lakshya with her also with their bags.Ishwari tells them she had gone to Nikki’s house to tell her that she cannot accept her ways and what she is doing is against all her ideals in life still she is ready to accept them as a couple. Dev and Sonakshi are extremely happy to hear this and Sona rushes to hug Nikki. Dev tells Ma that he always knew she would accept him because her heart is so big. Ishwari says that they will now stay here this house with all of them. Dev calls Jassi to take away the bags but Lakshya says he would rather not stay with them as now that Ishwari has taken one step towards them he too takes this responsibility upon him to not hurt her again. Lakshya leaves to stay with a friend of his after he requests Ishwari to come back to office and also asks her if he can also be a part of their family picture. Ishwari agrees to the picture and Dev welcomes Lakshya to the family. Later Devakshi fans are in for a treat as we see the hot new, crazily romantic Dev Dixit, he refuses to let go of his Sona as he takes her into his arms and reminds her of her priority which according to him is just to love him as he is her most loving Husband-ahaa Dev where was this version of you all this while!! Jassi as usual interrupts the couple but not this time-na na Jassi!! Dev asks him to get out and shut the door while going without even moving from his place or moving his eyes a bit away from his Sona.The entire family is collected below as they have some fun moments together as Ishwari is in a very happy mood today. Neha(Chestha Bhagat), Riya(Ankita Bhaguna) and Nikki decide to get Dev and Sona-damn!!! -while Elena(Prerna Panwar) goes on to get her very drunk and very frustrated husband Vicky(Vaibhav Singh) who is in no mood to listen to anyone today and goes on and on with his rant about he was used by this family, how he had slogged day and night and how Dev has stolen his son-seriously Vicky!!. Elena leaves him as she finds no use talking to him about this. The three sisters interrupt our Devakshi romance and Dev is irritated!! They ask Dev that he should have locked the doors at least. They have a group hug and Sona is pulled into it by Dev later he and the sisters thank Sona for all this. They sit for the family picture and Vicky comes in but he gets irritated when he sees Golu sit with Dev and refuse to come to him. Everybody tries to convince little Golu but Golu is in no mood to listen right now. Vicky in the process hurts Neha by taunting her about kids and Nikki about doing thinks as she wishes. He also taunts Sona about once when she had told him that kids should be slapped if they do not listen but Sona says Golu is too sweet to be slapped. Mamaji restrains Vicky and asks him not to create a scene and they finally have a family picture. Later though Dev notices Vicky walks away and follows him to the garden. Vicky taunts him about being drunk everyday when Dev reprimands him for being drunk. Vicky accuses Dev of stealing his son and Dev is shocked.


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