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Maharaja Ranjit Singh 14th July 2017 Written Update

Scene 1
Ranjit comes to Zaman’s camps. He sneaks in with his men. The dogs start barking. Ranjit diverts the dogs. Zaman’s men come to see if someone is there. Zaman hears the noise and wakes up. Ranjit is in his camp. He syas who are you? Ranjit says saviour of Punjab. Ranjit Singh. Zamna says but you ran. Rannjit says lion never runs. Just wait for right time. Zaman laughs. He says you are ready to face me in this age? But you are late here. We have taken over everything. Our army has left for Afghanistan with all your wealth already. We have defeated you already. The man sneaks in to kill ranjit. Ranjit turns back and stabs him.
Ranjit says what is ours will be ours. Kohinoor is ours. It is tied on Zaman’s arm. Ranjit says I will take it back as well. Zaman says first take punjab’s wealth. Ranjit syas you will return that yourself. Zaman calls his men. Ranjit runs out but men surround him.
Soldier says you can’t bealive anymore. Ranjit fights them all. He scares them with fire and goes from there.

Ranjit lits the rope on fire. He rides on his horse.
Zaman says to his men Ranjit is clever he must have gone to Khyber bypass. Go and stop him.
Mansoor says to I am not sure if I should look after sukarchankiya or khyber. Zaman says Khyber is way more important. Ranjit is working on its security.
Ranjit says what is Punjab’s will remain here. I will stop Zaman’s army and take everything from them here.
Zaman is towards khyber with his army. He says we don’t have enough time.
Ranjit says to his men lets swim this river. We can’t take horses ahead of here. They swim the river together.
Zaman’s men come there. They say there is ranjit. stop him and pull this rope. They pull the rope tied to ranjit.
Ranjit pulls the rope and swims towards the other side of the river. Ranjit reaches the other side. Zaman’s men jump in water to swim as well. Zamana and Mansoor come with them.

Precap-Ranjit says why don’t we come one on one.
Zamna says I don’t fight with kids. He asks his man Talha khan to fight ranjut.

Written Update by Atiba

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