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Saam Daam Dand Bhed 12th September 2017 Written Update

Prabhath gets goon’s call to not fight election, else his family will be in trouble. Sadhna asks whose phone was it. Prabhath says only person can do it who is afraid of him even before standing in election and attacked Vasu to frighten him not to stand in eld tion. Sadhna asks him not to and sister says she cannot even run if she is attacked.

Pankaj organizes election campaign. Vijay chants Pankaj Chaudhry zindabad. Pankaj starts emotional speech and asks people if they are with him. They all shout yes. Raghav asks his aides to bribe people as much as they can accept and buy them. In ashram, guruji’s assistant announces that Prabhath is standing in election and all 4 gram pradhans take oath to back Prabhath. People chant Prabhaths name. Prabhath reminisces Sadhna asking
him to inform he will not stand in election. He takes mic says he had decided not to stand in election, but when he was coming here, his family was attacked by miscreaants and they changed his decision, he now will fight for Kaushalpur people. Peoeple chant his name.

Vijay reaches home and sees Vasu crying. Sister informs him whole story. Vijay consoles Vasu. Pankaj meets Bhaiyaji CM. CM scolds Pankaj that he heard he is romancing and enjoying in Kaushalpur and Prabhath has already decided to stand in election with 40 village pradhan’s support. Pankaj says it is wrong news. CM makes him sit near his feet and keep his feet on Pankaj.

Vijay reaches Pankaj’s home. Guards stop him. Vijay beats them and reaches Raghav. Raghav asks why he is aggressive. Vijay says some goons attacked his niece, he wants to meet Pankaj and punish goons. Raghav signals at goons to hide and tells Vijay that he is worried about his niece, what happened to Ragini Jain, did he find her or swallowed Pankajs 15 lakhs. Vijay says he will find out Ragini in 2 days. Raghav asks him to go home and do his job first. Vijay retuns on his bike. His friend calls and asks if he met Pankaj. Vijay says Raghav did not let him meet Pankaj and is just worried about finding Ragini and not Vasu, scolds friend to find out Ragini soon, he will protect Vasu.

CM keeps his leg on Pankaj and says before his aunt died, he promised her that he will take caer of Pankaj, but did not promise her that he will forgive Pankaj’s mistakes. He pulls Pankaj’s hair and warns to clear his affair issue, else he will pull his skin and make slippers for his servants. Mandira comes and asks Pankaj what did he do that papa was scolding him. Pankaj says nothing. Mandira says papa that she is going back. Mother asks to stop her. Papa says let her go and hugging her says he will remember his promise until she remembers her promise, else she knows how bad he can be. Mandira says she will and leaves. Papa CM asks Pankaj to keep an eye on Mandira as he stays in Kaushalpur.

Precap: Sadhna warns Prabhath if he knows howmany enemies he will get if he stands in election. Pankaj reaches Prabhath’s house.

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