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Swabhimaan 15th September 2017 Written Update: Meghna Advices Naina To Go Against Nand Kishore For Khyati

The Episode starts with Nand Kishore asking Naina and others not to tell or call Nirmala for Khyati. He then calls Kunal, and then says Karan immediately and asking to handle office meeting. Dada ji says office work will go on and tells Naina that Nirmala shall know about this. Naina says she want to tell Nirmala, Kunal and Meghna, but Nand Kishore asked her not to tell. Dada ji asks Naina to call them and inform. Sandhya tells Naina that she will inform kunal and takes phone from her hand. Kunal gives interview and gets a job for a new start. He thanks his employer. Sandhya calls him and badmouths about Nand kishore. Kunal says he is my dad and asks her not to say anything against him. He cuts the call. Sandhya pretends to inform Kunal about Khyati. Naina hears her. Sandhya thinks she will not inform
Kunal, if he comes here then will be insulted, she wants to ruin the home. Khyati calls Vishal and informs him about the alliance. She asks him to do something. Vishal asks her not to worry. Khyati gets upset.

Sawri comes to Khyati’s room climbing the window and tells that she came to support them as she saw true love. She asks her to take Meghna’s help and not to tell Naina anything. Khyati thinks she is looking changed. Sawri says she is changed for good since she went to Sharda’s house. Naina comes there and opens the door.

Sawri goes out of house. She gets Sharda’s call. Sharda asks if she reached academy. Sawri says she is not a small girl and will go. She thinks one work is done. Naina asks Khyati what happened? Khyati tells her that she don’t want to marry. Sawri comes to Meghna’s office and goes straight to her cabin arguing with security. She tells Meghna that groom’s family is coming to see Khyati. Meghna is shocked and calls Vishal. Vishal tells her the same thing. Meghna is tensed. Sawri thinks now she will do other work. Naina asks Khyati why she don’t want to marry and asks her to meet the guy, talking about Nand Kishore’s respect. Khyati thinks Naina is on Nand Kishore’s side, she can’t tell her anything. She gets Meghna’s message. Naina goes out and meets Meghna. Meghna asks if Khyati’s alliance is fixed.

Naina says just as we were leaving, Papa called and told about it. I couldn’t tell you there. When I was calling you and jiju, Sandhya told that she will inform Kunal. Meghna asks if Khyati is ready for this marriage. Naina says she is shying and refusing for marriage. Meghna tells that Sharda asked you to do bahu dharma, but you can’t be blinded because of that. She tells her that Khyati loves someone else. Naina asks who? Meghna asks her to ask Khyati and asks her to promise to go against Nand Kishore for her happiness. Naina promises her. Sawri thinks second work is done, and now last work, she calls someone and asks to meet.

Naina calls Meghna and says she did what she had asked her to do. Meghna asks her to do as Nand Kishore says so that he don’t get doubtful, then they will execute their plan. She smiles and looks at Kunal.

Written Update by H Hasan

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