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Woh Apna Sa 17th July 2017 Written Update

Scene 1
Nisha checks papers and says what the hell is this Adi? I want 50% share of this house too, Adi says we talked about giving 50% of my property and this is not my house, its Kaka’s. Nisha says I want half share in this property, you want to divorce me right? then give me what I want. Kaki says give it to him. Kaka says no this is ancestral house. Adi says Nisha I am giving you what you want, dont be greedy. Kids come there. Nisha hugs Chinni and sees knife nearby, she puts knife on Chinni’s neck, all are stunned, Adi says she is your daughter, Nisha says I dont trust you people, Adi I loved you a lot but you cant be of anyone now, I can do anything now. Nisha throws knife at Adi, Jhanvi rushes to Adi, she pushes him out of way and gets stabbed by knife on neck, Adi rushes to

her and sees wound on her neck. Nisha runs away with Chinni, Chinni cries and says let me go. In house, Raj calls inspector and says Nisha have kidnapped my niece, take action. Kaka smirks.

Adi sees Jhanvi’s deep wound. Kaki says I will bring turmeric. She leaves. Jhanvi says to Adi that I am fine, Adi says no you are not. Adi applies ointment on her wound and sadly looks at her. Jhanvi says I think you should follow Nisha, Adi says I have asked Raj to call police for Chinni, dont worry, Jhanvi says I am okay, Adi says why did you come inbetween? what if anything happened to you? you wont do anything like that ever again, he wipes his tears and gets emotional. All family members come there. Kaki applies turmeric on her wound. Kaka says Adi we should meet Binni, she must be in trauma, Adi nods and leaves.

Binni is crying and asks Adi to bring Chinni, Nisha will her hurt like she hurt Jhanvi. Jhanvi brings milk and says what happened? Binni hugs her and says mama is bad, she hurts everyone, Jhanvi says dont cry, she makes Binni drink milk and tucks her in bed. Adi sees her caring for Binni, Jhanvi sings do naina to Binni. Adi recalls how his mother used to sing that, he gets emotional and leaves. Jhanvi comes to him and sees him wiping his tears. Adi says you know Nisha and I had so many problems but I never let look bad infront of kids but today she didnt even think about her kids, she finished everything, Jhanvi says I am worried about Chinni.

Nisha brings Chinni to some isolated place, Chinni cries and says I want papa, Nisha says mummy is with you, Chinni says I want papa. Nisha calls Kaka, he takes it and says why did you call me? maybe police is tapping our phones, Nisha says this is all happening because of you, I want Binni. Kaka says you think its possible? Adi wont spare you and I wont save you this time, Nisha says you have trapped me, I will get Binni as she is my daughter and I will expose you too, she ends call. Kaka turns and sees Kaki standing there, he gets tensed and asks what happened? Kaki says I came to say that you didnt eat anything since morning, I know you are worried but you have to be strong for Adi, should I bring food? he says yes, she leaves, Kaka looks on.

Adi calls inspector, inspector says it was 30seconds call to your house, we cant say much, Adi ends call. Adi gets call on landline, he puts call on speaker. Nisha calls and says Chinni is with me, Adi says she is your daughter, Nisha says thats why she is with me, I will get my other daughter too, take off all allegations from me, Adi says I want my daughter, Nisha says I want to go out this country, you have decided to make life with a house breaker so I want freedom too, Adi says you.. Jhanvi asks him to calm down, he stops shouting, Jhanvi asks Nisha what she wants? Nisha says tell my husband to take all allegations off me and send be abroad otherwise Chinni.. she turns around and says Chinni? she sees Chinni gone from site, she goes to search for her. Inspector calls Adi and tells him Nisha’s location. Adi and Jhanvi leaves. Kaka is tensed.

Nisha sees Chinni running on road, she runs behind her and says stop princess, Nisha gets sprain in her ankle. Chinni sees rickshaw, she sits inside and drivers drive away, Chinni smiles at Nisha way behind, Nisha tries to run to rickshaw. Nisha sees another rickshaw and hires it, she asks him to follow Chinni’s rickshaw.
Jhanvi and Adi are searching for Chinni too.

Nisha follows Chinni’s rickshaw. Adi and Jhanvi are searching for Chinni in car. Nisha’s rickshaw overtakes Chinni’s rickshaw. Chinni sees Nisha coming she she runs away from there. Nisha follows her. Chinni cries and says i wont come to you. Chinni keeps running.
Adi is driving, he gets call a call from driver, he says one kid sat in my auto, one woman was behind her, kid ranaway, he tells Adi location, Adi thanks him. Adi and Jhanvi comes to the location. They see Nisha running behind Chinni. Adi and Jhanvi comes there. Nisha stands on other side and glares at them. Nisha asks Chinni to come to her, Adi asks Chinni to come to him, Chinni stands in middle and looks at them both. Nisha says mummy wont do anything, come here. Chinni runs and comes to Adi, she hugs him tightly. Nisha says Chinni please come to mummy, i love you. Chini says I wont come to you, you will kill me, you are a very bad mother, I wont come to you, Nisha is broken hearing her daughter’s hate filled words. Nisha falls to her knees and is in tears. Adi hugs Chinni and asks if she is fine? Nisha sees them distracted and pulls out a gun, she points it at Adi, they are stunned. Nisha points gun at Adi and says I loved you a lot but you have broken my trust, give my daughter to me, I have to protect myself, Adi says put gun down Nisha.

PRECAP- Jhanvi and Nisha are fighting for gun. Chinni is unconscious and Adi is trying to wake her up. Jhanvi tries to snatch it but mistakenly gun shoots, Adi screams Jhanvi! thinking Jhanvi got shot but Jhanvi looks at pale Nisha in horror.

Written Update by Atiba

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